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Ver.1.06 Update 03.15.2018

Ver.1.06 has been released! It features various improvements, so update to the newest version and give it a go! Apply the update and restart to make the following changes take effect.

Bug fixes:

• Corrected the issue that caused the “ATTEMPTED PINK FLAMINGOES” to not become unlocked when Continues are disabled in Continue Settings.

• Corrected the issue that occurred when playing a game offline with automatic Replay saving turned off, ending the game without saving the replay, and then starting up the game while online, which caused the game to freeze while registering the Ranking.

• Corrected the issue where during offline play, despite disqualifying the game from the Ranking by such conditions as using a Continue or 2 Player simultaneous play, the data would still be registered in the Ranking.

• Other various small fixes.

Thanks for playing!

English Site Open 09.21.2017

The English site for Battle Garegga Rev.2016 is open!
More details coming soon.

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