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Space year ○●◎○. Great Gratze, the flagship Earth Destroyer from the planet Melt embarked on a mission to conquer the third planet from the sun.
Melt had the strongest military in the galaxy, and in their military, the ultimate elite unit was lead by the "Courageous General of Space", the Earth Invasion Ultimate Commander, Admiral Gratze.
Motivated by the order from his home planet, as well as his own desires, his plot to acquire the beautiful water-covered planet brought him to the halfway point between planet Melt and Earth: planet Fever.

- However -
No one could have foreseen that this would be the greatest tragedy in the history of planet Melt...
No, in the history of the entire universe!

Among your average spaceship pilots who traveled past Fever Planet, it was common knowledge to avoid flying too close to it because of mysterious electromagnetic waves that would cause their equipment to go haywire.
Unfortunately for him, Admiral Gratze decided this must be merely superstition, and boldy forged towards the planet along with the crew on his ship's bridge.
The further the ship proceeded, the stronger the mysterious electromagnetic waves became. The crew began to tremble as the ship made creaking noises, and its gauges went crazy.
The tragedy continued to spread across the ship until it finally reached the private room where the Admiral and his wife, Aileen Catharin, were enjoying a naughty and scandalous chat on the video phone.
Gratze roared with rage!!
"Who dares interfere with my loving conversation with my wife! I'll crush them with the iron hammer known as love's judgement!"
I don't care about taking over the Earth anymore.
Yes, under the mask of a soldier he showed to the world, Gratze was, at his core, a pure man. A love-love fighter. Throwing aside his subordinates who tried to restrain him, Gratze shook with rage as he ordered his fleet to land at an unusual facility of unknown origin thought to be the source of the mysterious electromagnetic waves.

And so, the gears of destiny began to turn...
(To be continued... maybe?)

- Next Episode Preview -

As the overtly hostile General of Space attacked, before him stood a young man with an afro hair style and a glint in his eye.
The two of them could sense that destiny had brought them together as they sized each other up. However, this was merely the prelude to the gruesome battle they would soon face...
These men found nothing but opposing beliefs between them.
What of sympathy? What of empathy? What of faith? The battle of planet versus planet... No, man versus man, has finally begun, in Dangun Feveron!

Next time, on Dangun Feveron:
Tune in next week for Episode 2: "Take this, my Kahyo Kahyo Strike!" Just kidding.


Afro & McCoy

The #1 and #2 top dance performers on Fever Planet. Dancing is their life's meaning. A random old dude (Admiral Gratze) summed up their soulful performance with the single spiteful word of "Worthless!" and tried to stop their dance, and it just so happens this kind of pointless challenge is exactly what gets them twice as fired up about dancing.
It is theorized that the fighter ships of Planet Fever are driven by their pilot's Dance Groove, and the stronger that power is, their maneuverability, attack power, and overall performance is increased.
So of course, the incredible Dance Energy these two emanate has given them the spectacular result of becoming ace pilots.
Also, both of them have chest hair, and clefts in their chins. (Who cares...?)

Note: If you want to know more about Dance Energy, please read the Dangun Feveron feature in GAMEST issue #242!! (This is really the official lore... Right?)

Afro & McCoy
NameAfro (left)McCoy (right)
OccupationDance Fighter (Self-appointed)Fight Dancer (Self-appointed)
HobbyDancing wildlyDancing joyfully
SkillDancing anywhereDancing while sleeping
GoalDancing in mid-airDancing underwater
MottoDance your life awayDancing will save the world


In the game's title logo and during the game (when you complete a stage), you may have noticed some psycho... I mean, psychedelic silhouettes.
They belong to no other than the legendary dance troupe, "Fever Girls"! Stephanie's powerful Dance Energy makes the other girls worship her like a religious leader.
In order for the attack aircraft used on Fever Planet to launch, their pilot must reach a certain level of Dance Groove. This means only the truly elite can pull off flying them.
Stephanie is able to harness her high power, sometimes reaching power levels that surpass even those of Afro and McCoy! She's the Fever of Queen Girls! (Isn't that other way around?)

Note: If you want to know more about the Fever Girls, please read the Dangun Feveron feature in GAMEST issue #242!! (This again...?)

OccupationFever Girls (Founder)
HobbyDancing beautifully
SkillSinging while dancing
DreamTo study dance abroad (Where!?)

Admiral Gratze & Aileen

He's the only one (that we know of) in the entire universe who would start an interstellar war over having a conversation (or phone call) with his wife interrupted.
The strongest in the history of the universe, with the worst disposition, Gratze Hortavolta, was the highest ranking officer in Planet Melt's military. He was bestowed with the grand task of being the supreme supervisor for conquering Earth (a mission known as The Second Aileen Strategy). As for why such a funky (in more ways than one) and anarchy-y guy would be appointed such an honorable position... That's something we'd like to know too.
Anyway, the brave Admiral Gratze embarks on a furious battle to conquer Earth, and to stop Afro and his buddies from their ridiculous dancing.

Note 1: This illustration was used for promotional purposes, so it is quite "embellished." However, in the initial designs by the illustrator Ms. Aileen☆Nakamura (supposedly from the GA**ST editorial department), he was more dignified looking. (Nihilistic, even.)

Note 2: Some of you may be asking "Why is Gratze's last name Hortavolta, when Aileen's is Catharine? What gives??" Well, it just so happens that on Planet Melt, they do not have a tradition of changing their last names with marriage. This is totally 100% true lore, and definitely not something we made up after the fact. However, for anyone who is feeling like they want to send a sternly worded letter to G**EST, telling them to stop joking around and get the facts straight, we have this explanation. Gratze is actually adopted, and his official name is Gratze Catharine. However, he goes by his former name for the sake of dignity. Or how about this one? Aireen's initials would be AH, which is the same as those for a band that was popular on Earth back in the day. (All of you whippersnappers out there probably never heard of 'em.) She didn't want her name associated with them, so she threw a tantrum about it. We've prepared several additional backstories, so please choose whichever one is to your liking.

Admiral Gratze & Aileen
(The one holding)
(The one being held)
ShipLast Boss
(Name unknown)
HobbyTalking with his wifeCrafts, karaoke
SkillTalking with his wifeTouching her thumb to her wrist
GoalTalking with his wifeLosing [redacted] pounds
MottoTalking with his wifeNothing in particular