Ketsui Deathtiny -Kizuna Jigoku Tachi-

M2 Shot Triggers


Ever wondered how close is close enough to acquire the highest rate score chips?
Or how much damage you are actually doing to that stage Boss?

Enter M2 Gadgets, giving you real-time information on screen to help you find that out (and much more) to horn your skills!

M2 Gadgets


With whopping seven game modes ranging from the arcade original to newcomer-friendly practice modes, Ketsui Deathtiny -Kizuna Jigoku Tachi- is a “Ketsui for the entire human race”!
(The number includes one DLC exclusive game mode.)

ARCADE The original arcade version of Ketsui, faithfully recreated to the smallest details.

The mode you know and love from earlier entries in our M2STG series!

With much more forgiving bullet patterns and features such as Auto-bombing, this is a perfect entryway into the world of Ketsui.

Also, the DOOM awaits anyone who dares…


A new game mode designed by M2. Instead of bombs, activate the new DEATHTROY System to blast your way out of impossible situations!


A mode where you can tweak various aspects of the game to your own liking.

Make your hitbox smaller, acquire extra lives more often, start the game from its 2nd loop, or make the enemies always return fire ( suicide bullets ) for more challenge…

Choices are countless, and all yours to make!

A legendarily rare custom version of Ketsui that was only playable at the 2007 Cave Matsuri event. This DLC allows players around the world to experience this version of the game, which was hand-tweaked by Ketsui director Tsuneki Ikeda himself.
(Purchase DLC to unlock.)

Two Specialized Practice Modes!


A mode that splits each stage in Arcade Mode into discrete sections for individual practice. Master each section, and you'll be clearing Arcade Mode in no time!
Only the first area of Stage 1 is unlocked by default. Playing an area unlocks the next one.
Note: This mode is single-player only. Please ensure your controller is assigned to Player 1 before starting.

Bonds of Growth Every time you die in Arcade Mode, the position you died at is saved automatically as a Bond Fragment. The Bonds of Growth mode provides an effective way to overcome your weaknesses: choose a Bond Fragment, and you'll restart 5 seconds before the point where you died. Surviving 10 seconds will award you with Bond points equivalent to the feat! Bond points count towards an online leaderboard, so build those bonds and aim for the top!


Play Ketsui with five different soundtracks!
(The number includes one DLC exclusive version.)

ARCADE The original arcade soundtrack.
STEREO ARRANGE A stereo arrangement by Manabu Namiki, the original composer for Ketsui.
An arranged soundtrack by CAVE’s Daisuke Matsumoto.
BASISCAPE ARRANGE An arranged soundtrack by musicians from Basiscape music company.
VIRT ARRANGE An arranged soundtrack by Jake “virt” Kaufman, famed composer of the Shantae and Shovel Knight game series. Originally created for the console version of “DoDonPachi Resurrection Black Label,” this is the first time players get to enjoy the original Ketsui with virt’s soundtrack.
(Purchase DLC to unlock.)