M2 Shot Triggers
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Basic System

Pilot your Ship through each stage, defeating enemy ships and bosses. After 5 stages, take down Admiral Gratze, the final boss.
If your Ship comes in contact with an enemy or one of their bullets, you lose one Ship. If you lose your entire stock of Ships, it's game over.

Basic Controls


You can choose between 3 Ships (and one Animal), 3 Sub Weapons, and 4 Speeds. Combine them in different ways to customize your own play style. Make sure to try them all out and find what's right for you.

Ship Select

TYPE-A Central Shot
TYPE-B 3-Way Shot
TYPE-C Wide Shot

Powerful Shot Select

Homing Shot
Shoots rapid fire circular saws.
When one hits, it locks on to the enemy and won't let go. If it gets a hold of the core of a Boss, you can focus on dodging while it stays on target. It's also useful for taking down large and mid-sized enemies.
Exploding Missles
Multiple explosions fire in a row, drawing in the surrounding enemies and taking out big crowds at once.
The longer it takes to explode, the stronger the punch it will pack.
Charge Type
Damage-dealing lights surround your Ship.
Release the button, and they become beams that pierce through enemy ships. The attack changes based on how long you hold the button.

Speed Select

Choose from 4 different levels of speed for your Ship. The faster the speed, the bigger your hitbox is, so chose with caution.

Hidden Ship



A gluttonous cat who walks on two legs, and used to be the manager of CAVE's mailorder shop. Now, for some reason, he's become a dance fighter too.
This unexpected challenger is armed with impressive firepower and unrestrained speed, yet it lacks any Bombers.
* On the title screen, hold the C button and push start, or press right on the title screen to play as Uotaro. You may cancel the selection by pressing left on the title screen.


Break open an Item Carrier to reveal different Items depending on the circumstances. Grab 'em all and power up!

Main Shot
Powers up the Main Shot.
Way Shot
Powers up the Sub Shot
Increases Bomber stock by 1.
Increases extra Ship stock by 1.
It appears when certain amounts of Cyborgs have been collected.

SOS System

Cyborg When enemy ships are destroyed, Cyborgs will float across the screen.
Grab them before they float out of sight, and your SOS Counter will climb higher and higher, along with the points you get from enemies.
Defeating enemies quickly to keep more coming and using Bombers to freeze Cyborgs before escaping are the keys to racking up a high score.