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Rev.2016 PS4 Special Features
Here's how we've powered up the arcade version of
Battle Garegga from 1996 into Rev.2016!

M2 Gadgets

We put in everything the players have always wanted!
Using the left and right sides of the screen, useful information is displayed to support your gameplay.
You can show or hide them individually, or of course turn them off entirely.
Besides the helpful gadgets, you can display the original arcade instruction card artwork as wallpaper,
and there are gadgets for use on vertically aligned monitors too.
We are planning to bring even more useful and fun gadgets your way soon.


  • 1. Score

    Displays the score for each stage. It can even display over 10 million points properly.
  • 2. Controller

    View the controller settings, and confirm your button presses in real time.
  • 3. Rank Graph

    This gadget shines light on Battle Garegga's Rank system, which had been shrouded in mystery until now. Depending on how you play, your Rank goes up or down along with the game's difficulty, and now you can see your status in real time!
  • 4. Ship Stock

    Your selected ship and its remaining stock are displayed.
  • 5. Special Weapons

    The number of Special Weapons you have left are displayed with icons as well as numerals for convenience.
  • 6. Boss Timer

    This gadget counts down the remaining time until a boss escapes. In the past, players counted the amount of times the background music looped to estimate the time.
  • 7. Boss Stamina

    The remaining stamina until a boss (and some midbosses) are defeated is displayed. The Rank system makes quite a difference!
  • 8. Next Item

    Lets you know what item will drop when an enemy that uses the item drop table is defeated. Now you can pinpoint when the medals will appear!
  • 9. Rapid Count

    View the current rapid fire speed.
  • 10. Hidden Option Formation

    By missing certain Option Formation items, a hidden formation can be unlocked. This gadget shows your progress towards unlocking it.
  • 11. Music

    The title and version of the current BGM is displayed.
Gadget Settings Screen
Gadgets can be turned on or off separately.
Vertical screen mode.

Game Modes

ARCADE The standard setting for Battle Garegga Rev.2016.
The new legend starts here!
SUPER EASY "Garegga is just too hard.."
"Managing your Ranks is so annoying."
"Dying on purpose just doesn't mesh with my shmup style!"
If this sounds like you, than this mode is for you. Keep powering up, shooting, and destroying!
M2 recommends this mode with various adjustments so that even beginner players will be able to work towards beating the game without stress.
PREMIUM A special mode arranged by M2.

4 Different Soundtracks

BGM Select Screen

You can choose from 4 different sets of BGM to play during your game.

Rev.2016 perfect edition The original composer, Namiki Manabu, has powered up the BGM with stereo sound and other enhancements.
Original Arcade The BGM from the original arcade version, unaltered.
Saturn Arranged version This version was mixed for the 1998 home console version on the Sega Saturn.
2016 Remix version This BGM set is made up of selections from the Battle Garega Complete Soundtrack released by SweepRecord in December 2016.

Score Ranking

Score Ranking Screen

Show off your scores and compete with other players all around the world! Browse scores sorted by mode and ship. You can also upload and download replays, allowing you to learn from the techniques of master players!

Abundant Customizations

Enemy Bullet Customization Video
Enemy Bullet Customization Video

Beyond the expected difficulty and key configuration settings, you can change the colors of the enemy bullets, fix your Rank at a certain level, change to a vertical monitor, add scanlines, and more, for a full range of flexible options as to be expected from M2.

In the button configuration settings, you can assign multiple buttons to the same function, have a button for holding A+B+C, and even have a button to turn up your rapid fire speed. These settings will meet your every need.

Enemy Bullet Color Settings
Key Config Screen
Screen Settings
Screen Settings (Vertical Screen / Scanlines)

Share Feature

Using the Xbox One's standard functions, you can upload screenshots and movies of your gameplay to SNS services. Of course, you can do live streaming while you play too.


We're cooking up additional handy gadgets and new modes, so stay tuned!

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