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Basic System

Maneuver the player's ship, defeat the enemies as you proceed, and pass the bosses at the end of each stage, over a total of 7 stages.

If your ship crashes into a bullet or enemy, you lose one ship from your stock. If you lose all of your ships, it's game over.

Basic Controls

Rank System

Perhaps Battle Garegga's most celebrated, and also most notorious gameplay feature is the Rank System.

Based on how you play, the game plays you back by becoming more difficult the better you perform. Master players have spend countless hours developing techniques to contain the difficulty to a managable level while still surviving to the game's finale.

For the first time, Battle Garegga Rev.2016 offers various ways to help tame this mysterious system. You can set a certain fixed Rank, slow down the rate that difficulty increases, or turn it off entirely. For those who insist on facing the game with the original difficulty intact, you can also chose to display a graph which shows how your Rank changes over time, allowing you to figure out your strategy more efficiently without disrupting the original gameplay.

Which play style will you choose?

Player Ships

The Garegga Series (Codename "Code G") were developed as the next chief airfighters for the Federation. They were the first and last masterpieces created by the Wayne brothers. Depending on the button you press to select them, you can vary the ships' colorings and abilities.


    Silver Sword

    This ship offers a balance between maneuverability and offensive strength. It is equipped with four 18mm autocannons. All of the four crafts in the G Series each have an additional four variations. For the G-1010, alternate versions are the Cannon-Ball, Masamune, and Shatter-Star.


    Developed as an anti-ground unit, it is equipped with two 14mm rotating machineguns. Its variations are Reinforcer, DGR October, and Diving Fox.


    While only equipped with a mere two 16mm machine guns, its mobility is top of the line. Stormy-Omen, Red-Impuse, and Black-Zeppelin are its variations.
  • G-913 Carrier-Based Torpedo Bomber Wild-Snail


    This heavy bomber is equipped with four 30mm machine guns on its surface. However, it's frame is incomplete. Iron-Mackerel, Rust-Champion, and Golden-Bat variations are availble. It appears that Golden-Bat is by far the most maneuverable.

Powerup Items

Destroying enemies or parts of the terrain can make items appear. Soup up your ship in order to destroy any particularily pesky foes.

  • Shot Items

    Shot Items

    The more you collect, the more your Shot Level raises, and the stronger your attack power becomes. Collect the Small Shot items in certain amounts depending on your Shot Level, or get a Large Item to raise your Shot Level by 1.
  • Option Formation Items

    Option Items

    Equips up to four invincible helper aircrafts which can be arranged in different formations.
  • Special Weapon Items

    Special Weapon Items

    Restocks your Special Weapons. (It takes 40 Small Special Weapon Items to make 1 Large Special Weapon Item.)
  • Bonus Items

    Bonus Items

    If you manage to grab one before it falls off the screen, you can aquire from 100 to 10,000 points. Considering that 1 million points will earn you an Extend, these are vital to collect.
  • Extend Item

    Extend Item

    This item earns you one extra ship, also known as an Extend. They normally don't show up, but it's said a certain large bomber is hoarding one.

Attack Areas

  • st_1


    Engage in an attack on the federation's secret factory constructed in a mining district. Interestingly, this is also where the Wayne brothers made their designs.

    The boss, MD-112 Nose Laughin, may be a little outdated in its construction, but the reliable destructive force of the gigantic artillery battery equipped in its rear is more than enough to compensate.

  • st_2


    A once beautiful town surrounded by mountains and lakes. Thanks to strikes from the federation, it is now all but annihilated.
    The boss, SF-4518 Mad Ball, moves through the air using the rotation of fourteen propellers, and when it arrives at its desired location, it lowers a drill equipped on its underside into the earth's surface to lock itself into place. This weapon can then function as a fortress anywhere it travels.
  • st_3


    You must destroy the experimental heavy bomber Slayer while it is still being built in one of the Federation’s large-scale manufacturing production lines. Although Slayer Is incomplete, part of its weaponry is ready, and is expected to have extreme offensive power.
    The boss this time is ST-22 Earth Crisis, a super-heavy tank equipped with two gigantic mounted rocket launchers. Its massive size makes it more like a mobile fortress than a tank, so only two have ever been produced. However, it seems to have been quite successful in the areas it was deployed in.
  • st_4


    Here lies the remains of a plant situated to the north of the continent. Although it has already been reduced to ruins, the Federation still uses it as an essential base, with attack forces scattered along the ground.
    The boss is a large armored tank known as PS-50 Satanic Surfer. It can smoothly travel from sea to land, so it was intended for landing operation tactics. However, unable to find a balance between its armor and attack power, it is not very apt for marine deployment.
  • st_5


    Among flashes of lightning as you pass through thunder clouds, you encounter a fleet of airborne troops lead by the tactical heavy bomber Slayer. In this stormy weather, a small craft might have an advantage when it comes to visibility, so it could battle a much larger vessel on even terms.
    G-616 Black Heart was built by the Federation according to memos left behind by the Wayne brothers to be the ultimate deffensive unit. Its mobile 35mm machine guns are just the beginning of its souped-up attilery, but the real secret to its success is its small rocket engine. It can only realistically function for about 20 minutes, but that's more than enough thanks to its overwhelming firepower.
  • st_6

    STAGE 6 : BASE

    Slipping through the enemies' onslaught, you have invaded the Federation's military base. Inside is not only a giant fort, but also innumerable tanks defending it, making it into an impregnable stronghold.
    DT-38A Junky Monkey was originally a labor vehicle designed for the placement and disposal of landmines. However, due to a shift in the state of the war, it was fitted with weapons and assigned a defensive position.
  • st_7


    Chase down the extra-large escape vehicle King Crimson as it takes off from a secret runway. Along the way, you get dragged into a dogfight with the newly rolled-out Black Heart mkII. Defeat it and stay in pursuit of King Crimson's emergency escape unit.
    The boss is DT-070 Glow Squid. King Crimson has several escape methods for its pilot. The cockpit is able to propel itself, and is armed with attack functions as well. Together these units are known as Glow Squid, which also has its own additional escape pod.
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