Story and Background

The Story

Even after the nightmare, dawn has still come. However, the light from the morning sun reveals that this bad dream is not over yet. Until yesterday, this was somewhere for people to gather and lovers to converse, yet now it lies covered in a mountain of rubble. No matter where you go, the only sounds are the moans of countless crying babies. Yet, with time the morning light reaches them, and even the weeping fades away.

No one expected it would come to this.

To a pair of brothers that ran a small factory in the countryside, the offer to develop weapons for the federation was irresistible. Back in those days, they innocently competed at raising the speed or horsepower of their creations, delightfully engrossed in a rivalry to achieve superior performance for their machinery. Even if the subject of their designs changed into weaponry, they believed those enjoyable days would remain unchanged. Without realizing they were effectively creating things for the sole purpose of ending lives, their hands crafted weapon after weapon.

This was the result.

Now, the reality they refused to face is undeniably spread before their eyes. However, they aren't going to run away anymore. These weapons will be taken down by the very hands that created them. Despite knowing they cannot achieve justice this way, their heartbeats won't stop rising along with the rotations of their engines. Fine. Morals aren't necessary to take responsibility for one's actions. All that's left is to wait for the time to sortie. For everything they've done so far, and so they can keep moving forward.

The Situation

The Wayne brothers were born in a countryside village on the southern tip of a peninsula in the west of the continent. Influenced by their father, they began tinkering with machines at a young age. As adults, while managing the small automobile factory their father left behind, they created various original vehicles and planes on the side. At some point, rumors of their skills reached the Federation.

The brothers' novel concepts and bold designs earned them the unprecedented titles of "Chief Developers." The lavish wealth entrusted to them increased their production speed, and the new weapons the brothers created were perfect for federation's plot to "expand their territory" as quickly as possible.

Finally realizing what they had caused, the brothers brought out their four prototype high-power fighter bombers. Enveloping the planes and themselves in secrecy, they plan on how to stop the advances of the Federation. However, once a war has begun, it cannot end so easily. Soon, the horrors of war reached the town they were using as a hideaway. The reality of war unfolded right before the brothers' eyes, forcing them to face the truth, and their own naivety.

The Location

Several decades after the Industrial Revolution, somewhere in the military state known as "the Federation", even as many factories polluted the seas and skies, most of the earth was still covered in beautiful nature.

Only about twenty years have passed since the invention of internal-combustion fossil fuel engines, and commonplace technology is still not very advanced. However, thanks to the genius of the Wayne brothers and the finances of the Federation, military technology has developed at an alarming rate.

The Enemies

There are 15 states that make up the Federation, covering about half of the continent. Before the Industrial Revolution, battles often broke out across the various territories, until about 20 years ago when they united into a single Federation. Since then, no large wars occurred, although small skirmishes still continued. However, when the military power balance collapsed, the Federation proclaimed war. They intend to conquer every nation in the entire continent, and their advantage over the other countries is immeasurable.

The federation transformed their military headquarters into a fortress, and forbade all outsiders from entering.