Settings 1

Push the touchpad button and choose "Settings" to edit the game's settings. The Settings are sorted in separate tabs in the following categories.
Change tabs using the [L1] button and [R1] button.

Settings Tab Contents
Game Settings Allows you to change settings related to gameplay such as difficulty or ship stock.
Controllers Changes the settings for how the controllers are used.
Screen Sets the screen size and display methods.
M2 Gadgets Edit the display methods for the M2 Gadgets displayed outside of the game screen.
Sound Adjusts the sound volume, EQ, and BGM selection.

Game Settings

The Game Settings menu displays settings for difficulty, stock of ships, and other settings related to the gameplay itself.
* For each item, leave your cursor on it and an explanation will be displayed.

Game Mode System Settings Other Settings Game Mode System Settings Other Settings

Return to the Pause Menu using the [o] button.
When returning, if a reset is required, a dialog screen will be displayed. Press and hold the [◯] button to reset.

* The current progress of the active game will be lost.
* After changing the settings, this dialog may also be displayed when changing tabs.

Game Mode

You can try your hand at 4 different game modes in Battle Garegga Rev.2016.
You can change the mode on the Game Mode: Mode Settings screen.

Game Modes
Arcade The default mode that uses the factory settings from the original arcade board.
Super Easy The easiest possible settings.AUTO WEAPON
Premium A completely new mode with remixed difficulty and new rules devised by M2. AUTO WEAPON
Custom When the player edits their own custom settings, it is known as Custom Mode.

Auto Special Weapon: This setting fires a Special Weapon when the player hits an enemy bullet or enemy vehicle while they are holding the Shot button.
* Requires a Large Special Weapon. If you hold down a Shot button assigned as Rapid Fire, there is a chance it may not fire. Only hold down a normal Shot button.

Base Settings
No change Uses the settings previously selected in Custom Mode.
Arcade All settings are changed to match the default Arcade Mode.
Super Easy All settings are changed to match Super Easy Mode.
Premium All settings are changed to match Premium Mode.

* The individual details of the Base Settings can be only customized when the Game Mode is set to Custom.

BGM Sets
Rev.2016 perfect edition The powered up version, improved with stereo sound and more by Namiki Manabu himself.
Original Arcade The original BGM from the arcade version.
Saturn Arranged version The version created for the 1998 home console release.
Remix2016 version Remixes from the SweepRecord version soundtrack.

System Settings

The System Settings set your preferences for registering replays and other aspects of the system around the game itself.

Latency Reduction Settings If you chose "1", the game will attempt to reduce lag, including lag caused by monitors with delayed display.
Auto-Register Replays Automatically registers replays when a game ends.
If you select "OFF", you will be prompted to chose to register your replay or not.
* If the replay slots are full, the lowest score will be overwritten.

Other Settings

The Other Settings menu allows you to change settings which will not have any effect on your ranking.

Attract mode sound Enables or disables sound during the attract mode demo.
Continues Enables or disables the use of Continues.
Hidden character display The hidden characters Gain, Chitta, Miyamoto, and Bornnam become playable.
Change enemy bullet color Change the colors of certain enemy bullets. You can also change the flashing effect.
Quick Restart Sets where the button for Quick Restart will restart to.
Free Play Enables unlimited play with infinite Credits. (Free Play mode must be unlocked.)