Archive Room 2

Replay Theater

View the replays you've saved of your own play or the replays of others that you've downloaded.
First you must decide the filters for what replays to display in the overview. Press the [◯] button to confirm and view the replays.

Replay Viewing Screen (In the Replay Theater)

When replaying on a horizontal screen, the M2 Gadget for Controller Info is replaced with the Replay Info gadget.
When playing on a vertical screen, the REPLAY INFO gadget will be split up on the top and bottom of the screen.

About Replay Registration

Your movments while playing will be recorded, and when you finish your game, they will automatically be registered as replay data.
(You can disable auto-registration for replay data in the System Settings.)

Up to 100 replays can be saved, including both your own replays and downloaded replays.
If new replay data is created when 100 recorded plays already exist, the lowest score that is not locked will be overwritten.
(You can lock up to 99 replays.)

In any mode, if any of the following occurs during gameplay, the replay will not be recorded.
(A dialog will warn you when any of the following occur.)

  • Quick Load is used.
  • Replay Theater is opened during gameplay.